There are many types of individual plans available for a variety of different purposes.  If you are self-employed, between jobs, recently graduated, or your COBRA benefits have ran out you might want to check into an individual program.  Below you will find VERY BRIEF descriptions of some different types of programs.  You will also find links to some of the individual companies that we represent.  Call our office at (314) 438-0222 or send an email for help with your particular situation.  We have many carriers that we deal with and all information is treated as confidential.

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Individual Health Insurance -  An individual health insurance plan is usually fully underwritten.  This means that you must complete a health history questionnaire.  INDIVIDUAL PLANS ARE NOT GUARANTEE ISSUE.  NEVER CANCEL YOUR CURRENT PLAN UNTIL YOU HAVE BEEN NOTIFIED IN WRITING THAT A NEW PLAN IS APPROVED AND YOU HAVE REVIEWED THE POLICY. If you have recently graduated or are in-between jobs an individual program may be a better option for you than COBRA if you have no health conditions. 

Celtic Care Health Plans for individuals and families.  Can be a used as an alternative to COBRA if you don't have any pre-existing conditions.  This can also be purchased for an overage student or as short term medical coverage.
Celtic Basic Health Plans

 BCBS of Missouri individual and family health plans are great for the self-employed.  They can also be used as a COBRA alternative if you don't have pre-existing conditions.  Dental coverage and life insurance are also available with these.  They also have several RX options to choose from.  Maternity benefits are not required.  This is for MISSOURI RESIDENTS only.  If you only need coverage for a few months check their short term programs.                         Golden Rule Health Plans for individuals and families in Missouri and Illinois.  Can be a used as an alternative to COBRA if you don't have any pre-existing conditions.  This can also be purchased for an overage student or as short term medical coverage.  If you don't like online applications just call us at 314-438-0222 and we would be happy to send you information via regular mail.

Health Insurance coverage for individuals, families, or groups.  Short Term medical coverage is also available.  These plans can include, dental, vision, and life also.  This is for Missouri and Illinois residents.

From American Medical Security


Guaranteed Health Insurance - Guaranteed health coverage is available if you have used up your State Continuation, COBRA, or you’re your employer has terminated the group insurance program.  If you have lost coverage under a group insurance program and are unable to obtain individual health insurance you can get a guaranteed health insurance plan under the HIPAA laws.  (HIPAA = Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act)  The benefits for this type of plan may not be the same as the plan you initially wanted and the premiums are quite a bit higher.  The reason for this is because the insurance carrier knows that they will be taking on an insured that is likely to have large claims in the future.  The rates are set every year by the claims experienced by the insured pool.

This is a limited benefit program that was put together by the  ICAN Benefit Group.  You must join the association to enroll for these benefits. 
The Ican Benefit National Choice membership is guaranteed issue, so everyone is accepted regardless of your health.


Temporary Health Insurance – These programs are generally issued for a maximum period of six months.  The premiums are lower than traditional individual health insurance because the carrier will not pay for anything that is related to a condition you had prior to your effective date.  In addition at the end of your elected time frame your coverage ends unless you are confined in a hospital on the end date.  In the event you are hospitalized on the ending date of your temporary coverage the carrier will continue to insure you until you are discharged.  The moment you are discharged your coverage will end.  Some temporary insurance programs will let you apply for a second policy after the first one has ended but the same pre-existing conditions apply.  For instance, if you had a short-term policy for six months and two weeks before your policy ended you broke your arm.  Your policy would pay the benefits you elected.  Then after your policy ended you purchased another short-term policy and three to six weeks later you went to the doctor to have your cast removed.  The charges for your cast removal would not be covered because they would be related to an accident/illness you had prior to the effective date of the new policy.

Celtic Short-Term individual health plans can provide coverage while you are in a probationary period at a new job or if you are between jobs.  The coverage is the same at traditional health insurance programs except it is for a set amount of time.  For Missouri and Illinois residents.

Time Insurance has several programs available to meet your needs.  Why pay for benefits that you don't want.  In addition to student plans they have short term plans and regular plans for individuals and families.  Life insurance can also be included.  For Missouri and Illinois residents.
Student Select

Short-Term Medical

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Health Discount & Reimbursement Plans – These should not be confused with health insurance plans.  They generally will help get your bills discounted or will reimburse you a set amount for a service you have received.  They generally do not pay your provider directly.  With the reimbursement plans when you obtain services you show your identification card the carrier provided you with and the provider will discount the amount they bill you.  With a reimbursement plan usually you must pay for your services and then send your itemized receipt in to the carrier to obtain your benefit.  There are some reimbursement plans that do cover a percentage of some bills but they have a limited benefit, such as $10,000 a year.


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Individual Dental Plans – There are two types of individual dental programs available, #1) you must select your dentist at enrollment or #2) any dentist is covered.  These can be a great addition to your individual benefit program or if you employer does not offer dental insurance.  The premium for a plan where you must select your dentist at enrollment is substantially lower than the plans where you can see any dentist; although the premiums for both programs are reasonable.  Usually when you must select your dentist at enrollment there are no waiting periods for any type of care.  The downside of these programs is the selection of dentists is small but if your dentist is on their list then it is an upside.  When you have a dentist that you like and want to continue using, a plan that covers any dentist would be the one for you.  The downside of these plans is you will have waiting periods for different levels of care.

 The Competitor Smile Dental - (Security Life Insurance Company of America) Dental Insurance for Individuals and Families.


Dental Source
Dental Health Care Plan
Dental Source is a great dental plan.  It is available for individuals and can also be used as a voluntary benefit with groups.  There are no maximum benefit limits.  For Missouri and Illinois residents. 

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RX, Dental, & Vision Discount Plans – These plans are just what they say.  They are discount plans not insurance plans.  The premium for these plans is low because the carrier does not process any claims.  They provide you with an identification card and if you use a provider that they have negotiated a discount with, then that discount for service is passed on to you at the time of service.  RX discount plans may be a good addition to a plan that does not cover prescriptions.

 Doctor's Select Rx plans are not to be used as a Part D coverage.  This plan is intended for individuals and families who do not have RX prescription coverage available.  There are over 4600 different medicines covered under this program.

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Adoptions – If you are adopting a child from another country you will want to review your current insurance program very thoroughly.  Some health insurance plans may not cover you when you travel outside the United States and if they don’t you might want to look at a travel insurance program.  Another issue to check is when your current policy will start covering your new child.  Sometimes the adoption is not final when you start traveling back to the United States with your new child so you might want to check on a travel plan for the child.  The travel  plans work pretty much the same way as temporary insurance plans with a few additional benefits, such as repatriation.

 Overseas Travel Medical - (American Consumer Insurance Trust) Travel Plan which provides comprehensive short term medical protection for individuals traveling outside of their home country.

When traveling internationally it is important to remember health insurance.  The majority of group plans do not cover people outside of the USA.  International travel insurance covers much more than health conditions.  Don't leave your country without it.  Available to people worldwide.  This is also a good coverage for families who are traveling internationally for an adoption.  Some group plans don't cover a newly adopted child until they are physically in the United States.

International Medical Group offers travel insurance, trip insurance, and international medical.  For Spanish version click here.

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Travel Insurance - There are many different types of travel insurance available.  In todays world this is a very valuable plan.  When you travel outside of your home country please don't forget to check your medical insurance plan to see if you will have coverage outside of your country.  It can put a damper on your vacation if you have an accident or illness and then find out your regular insurance won't cover you.  With international medical insurance you can give yourself some peace of mind.  But be sure to understand what your policy covers.  You want to make sure that it covers doctor visits, hospitalization, prescriptions, lab work, x-rays, and repatriation.

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 Legal Plans – There are a few different programs available for this valuable coverage.  Some programs are prepaid legal plans and some are discount plans.  Some plans cover you nationally and others are regional.  Make sure you will have access to attorneys when you need it.  You will want to have a company that has attorneys in every field because you don't want to talk to an attorney that specializes in estate matters if you have a question about traffic violations.  Be sure to read your contract so that you know your benefits.  Most of these plans are available for individuals, families, self-employed person, home based businesses, employers, and as voluntary benefits thru employers.  Pre-Paid Legal Plans do for legal issues what medical insurance does for medical issues.  In some states these programs are considered insurance and other states they are memberships.

Pre-Paid Legal Services for less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day!  Plans are available to individuals and can also be offered as a voluntary benefit to groups.  One of the wonderful benefits is a free will for members.  Never sign a contract without checking with an attorney, even if it is an apartment rental agreement or car lease agreement.


View short movie files here about legal plans, identity theft, business legal plans, etc.  It won't cost you anything to learn about these valuable benefits.  Suitable for any age group.

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 Identity Theft vs. Credit Card Identity Protection – A lot of credit card companies offer a type of Identity Protection.  Identity theft is much more than someone stealing your credit card and making charges on it.  When someone steals your identity they can buy things like houses and cars in other states, they can take a loan against your current residence, they can even get a drivers license in your name.  Sometimes someone who has stolen your identity may even be charged with a crime and they are using your name!  If that happens and you get pulled over in your car you could even go to jail while trying to prove that what you are being charged with really had nothing to do with you.  When you purchase coverage for Identity Theft you need to check and make sure that the company monitors your credit reports every day and notifies you if there are any changes.  It is important that they do more than monitor it.  You also want to make sure that it covers more than just your credit card.  This is one of the most talked-about and fastest growing white-collar crimes in history, identity theft is a problem you can't afford to ignore.

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What REALLY is Identity Theft according to the FTC?

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Identity Theft is on the rise and is one of the fastest growing crimes in the world.  Don't be fooled thinking that just because a credit card company won't make you pay for charges if your card is stolen that you are covered if your identity is stolen.  A stolen identity is much more than someone charging on a stolen credit or debit card.  Don't let this happen to you.




 RX (Prescription) Plans – There are some insurance programs available that offer insurance coverage for prescriptions.  One of the things to check for is the list of drugs and what tier of coverage they will fall under.  Most of these plans do a review of the drugs and their cost twice a year.  When the review is completed sometimes a few of the drugs will be changed from one tier of coverage to another tier of coverage, new drugs can be added, or some drugs can be removed.  It all boils down to cost and the negotiated price the insurance company can get from the pharmacies.

The Competitor RX Copay Card (Rx Options, Inc.) Prescription Drugs: $10 Generic Co-Pay and $20 Preferred Brand Name Co-Pay.



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Specified Benefit Plans - Specified benefit plans can be found all over the place.  I have talked with some people who actually think they have regular health insurance when they took one of these plans out.  BE SURE TO READ YOUR CONTRACT.  These plans are designed to cover specific injuries, illnesses, and situations.  If you have an accident policy they will pay you a specified amount for accidents only.  These are a GREAT ADDITION to your coverage but should not be relied on to cover all of your situations.

 United American Specified Benefit Plans

HealthCare Assurance

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Life Insurance - When you are looking for life insurance there are many things to consider.  First of all, how much life insurance do you need?  Then how long do you need that life insurance?  After you have decided the answer to the above two questions then you will know if you need temporary insurance which is called TERM INSURANCE or PERMANENT INSURANCE.  If you need term insurance then you will need to decide how long you need it for.  Term insurance premiums will increase either annually or on a pre-determined amount of time such as every 5, 10, 15, 20, or 30 years.  When you have a pre-determined time you can budget for the plan easier.  Term insurance programs do not accumulate any values so if you miss a premium payment your coverage will cease.  Term insurance is a good way to add additional coverage at a low cost while you have children at home, a mortgage, or to cover a business loan.   Permanent insurance will cost you more but you will have the advantage of accumulating cash values that you may be able to use for short term loans at a lower interest rate.  There are several types of policies that can be used as permanent insurance:  whole life, universal life, and variable life.  Check with your agent to determine what would be best for your particular situation.  An added advantage with permanent insurance is that you may only have to pay premiums for a period of time and then have coverage until age 95 or 100.  Another type of insurance is ACCIDENTAL DEATH insurance.  Most of the time this is marketed thru the mail and the cost for this coverage at first glance seems reasonable but then when you consider that less than 5% of the population dies in an accident and they only pay off if you have an accident  you might be better off getting a regular term policy that will pay off no matter how you die.

 Request a life insurance quote
 When requesting this information be sure to include your phone number where we can reach you.  To get the best rate possible health questionnaire is required.


Don't think you can get life insurance?
Check the Guaranteed Issue Plan

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Mortgage Insurance - When you have a mortgage you are generally offered insurance that will pay off your mortgage in the event of your death.  I think this is a good concept except for one thing.  Every month the premium is added to your mortgage payment and the actual benefit goes down.  If you had a separate term insurance policy you could have the same premium every month along with the same benefit.  Generally the cost for an individual term policy is lower than the mortgage insurance.  Please check with your life insurance agent to save yourself some money.

 Request a term insurance quote by email.  When requesting a term quote by email please provide your age and phone number.  You can also request a quote with our online form.

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Cell Phone Insurance - This is an amazing product to me.  For a monthly fee of about $3.00 - $12.00 if you lose your phone you can get a replacement, usually within 3 days.  If you don't lose your phone you will end up paying more in premiums than the phone is actually worth in a few months, especially since the price of cell phones is going down all the time.  

Identity Theft Shield Information

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Ratings - Many providers ask independent companies to rate them and they use that information in their advertising.  Please note that not all companies as for this so not all companies will be listed.  You can check what the ratings of insurance an insurance company mean at one of the following: AM Best   Weiss   Moody's  Learn what an attorney rating means at Martindale-Hubbell  


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Agent Only Information - Would you like to offer some of these programs to your clients?  Contact us by phone or email and we would be happy to help you with this.  If sending us an email be sure to include your name and phone number where you can be reached during normal business hours.

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Health Insurance for International Travelers

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